Friday, June 18, 2010


Just thought I’d explain to you guys a little more about the ladders, as I mentioned them earlier in my first post. Now we all know ladders are pretty heavy, so it’s not easy carrying them around let alone doing tricks on them but Pomparkour ladders are slightly different. These ladders are custom built, made from light aluminum that weigh less than 10kg (so you can easily carry these bad boys around and do some mean tricks). They also have a strong chrome hook attached to the top that’s coated in rubber to grip the sides of buildings and reduce slippage! Check out my ladder in the pic above… I’ll chuck up some videos soon for you guys to check out some crazy tricks!



  1. Any info on where to buy this type of ladder?

    Also, what are the specifics on making the 'hook'?

    Thanks for the info so far, but can we have some actual details?

  2. Did you custom make the ladder yourself?