Friday, June 11, 2010


One day when I was cruising the net I discovered to my complete horror, that there was not one blog about Pomparkour. So I thought – f*@k it! I’ll start my own.

If you don’t already know, Pomparkour is the most awesome thing ever. It’s an urban sport, it’s pretty new and it’s my life!

Pomparkour takes all the good bits of Parkour and mixes it up with a little bit of Pompier or ‘Hakenleitersteigen’ which is this messed up European sport where people climb ladders crazy fast.

So yeah, with Pomparkour you climb, jump and traverse over buildings and stuff with a ladder to help you. The ladders give you extra reach and allow you to do all sorts of unique tricks. They’re special ladders though – they are made of ultra-lightweight aluminium and have a chrome hook coated in rubber at one end to hook onto buildings.

It’s pretty physically challenging. I’ve been doing parkour and some stunt work for a couple of years now, and a full-on day of Pomparkour still completely wastes me for a week. But some of the amazing tricks you can do on different building features make it completely worth it. It can be a little like skating down the side of a building. Awesome.

Anyway – I don’t know if I’m explaining any of this properly so I’ll make sure I get together some films, photos, etc for my next couple of posts.



  1. O my golly jepers totaly just figured out this existed this morning. bad ass. i've been doing parkor for a few years after gymnastics and diving. I totaly have to check this out. are there any blue prints or specs to building a ladder hook anything helps

  2. Is it possible to do away with the ladder and have an 'extendable pole hook'?